Creative Direction: Will C, Shon Rosewood, Liam Ramus
Hand Lettering: Shon Rosewood
Graphic Design: Liam Ramus, Shon Rosewood
Photography: David MacCluskie 


The album deal with loss. The title being the color of dried blood. I framed a portrait of Will in this tomb stone shape and covered the album in varying shades of burgundy trying to convey this idea of dried blood. The portrait is a reflection of Will staring at a tombstone of a loved one. If you look below the tombstone, you can see little fibers of grass to further expand this scene into a subtle 3-Dimensional space.

I've been designing for will since I started designing 5 years ago when I was just a senior year in high school. I had worked on some concepts for this album for months before shelving everything when Will and I both got too busy. Will approached me again to ask me to design the cover to his debut album but had to decline because I told myself I'd only take on paid projects from now on. I told him I'd help with design consultation. 
Designs would come back to me and each time I had an idea of how I wanted to change them, so I would tell Will what I thought was working and what I thought needed more work. 
One night I thought I'd go hands on and take a crack at it myself and had Shon send me the project files. I really felt like they were close but needed a little bit of a push. I wanted to connect what Will told me about the music to the cover, using the photo and typography that Shon already had. I designed the treatment of the lettering, created most of the textures, figured out the color scheme, and adjusted the composition resulting in what you see now.

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