Design + Direction: Liam Ramus
Photo-Compositing + Manipulation: Liam Ramus
Photography: Ben Myers
Hand-writing: Sydney In Theory

Cover Concept:
The song speaks on the inevitability of change. Watching the leaves fade and change color to prepare for the next season. The fall not being positive or negative but a fact of life. Just part of the cycle. I had aspects of this cover in my head while driving right before wrecking my car. So I had a bit of a Fall in my life. After recovering from the wreck I sat down and designed the majority of this in just a few hours. For me this cover is very personal because the accident sparked a change in my mentality. It forced me to slow down. Not in my driving but in my life. 
Design Language:
The design of this single was informed by the full album rollout I designed for Sydney In Theory which you can find here.
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