Fresco Furnishings is a high end resale store in Columbus Ohio that sells furniture and accessories. Working from their old logo, which was an illustration of a doric column , I placed two F's facing each other creating an abstract doric column. The logo also works as a representation of the various furniture items sold such as an ottoman or table. 
Pattern Explanation

I developed a pattern derived from the new logo referencing decades of antique furniture design. The pattern can be used in multiple ways as showcased below.

Store Entrance

In-Store Set

Branded Pillow

Product Tags

Tote Bag and Receipt

Style Guide

Gift Cards

Logo Expressions:

Pulling from various furniture design movements, the logo can be expressed in a number of ways in order to communicate the extensive selection found at the store.
Original Mockups provided by Liam Ramus, Creative Market, GraphicBurger, and FreePikPSD

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