Design + Direction: Liam Ramus
Photography: David MacCluskie

Based a book of the same name, Will C. created an album for the outliers within our society. I took the word Outlier and split it into 3 parts. The first being the 'O' which I duplicated a couple times to allude this idea of a third eye which is used to symbolize enlightenment. The second being the 'utli' which I wanted to double as a graph with the 't' being the outlier as well as a very abstract depiction of a hand giving you the middle finger with the middle finger being the 't' and the 'i' being the thumb. For the 'er' I wanted to reference the curves of a treble or bass clef to represent music. All of these coming together to form a key, as if to say these are the things that are the key to being an outlier. 
The embossed AAA BBB CCC visually function almost like a secret code, hinting at this EP's tracklist.
Track 1: AAA
Track 2: BBB
Track 3: CCC
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