Identity, concept, and web design for a brand new resource for creatives to learn from each other's process
Why 'Rough Draft' ?
In the age of social media, we all strive to present ourselves as beautifully as possible. There is no exception for designers, we all want to have perfectly curated content on our Instagrams and Behances. Because of this, however, authenticity is somewhat lost in translation. We lose the screw-ups, the bad ideas, and the really ugly sketches. Elements that would be very useful to budding young designers looking to figure out their own process or even senior designers looking to shake their own process up. We are collectively giving off this unrealistic view of what it is like to be a designer by hiding our roughest drafts from the world.
We seek to counter this by creating a resource for designers to learn from and post information about the various creative processes that make up the creative landscape. This will help democratize creativity in an already open and available medium.  Welcome to "Rough Draft" the world's first comprehensive design process work archive.
Project Goal 
The site aims to collect as many examples of process within the field of design as possible with the rough drafts and unfinished versions front and center. Pulling from existing articles, Instagram, etc. as well as offering exclusive never before seen Rough Drafts from some of the greatest designers in the world accompanied by articles written about the process. All sources will be fully credited and cited as the goal is not to take credit for other people's stories, but to create a comprehensive and ever-evolving look at them. 
LogoType Concept 
The logo is supposed to look like a rough draft itself. Emulating blueprints, stacked strips of plywood, layered scotch tape, etc. With its modular boarded up appearance the pieces don't quite fit together and have pieces missing to give it a rough around the edges feel.
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