"I believe that my musical form is a vessel intercepting transient cosmic messages from celestial beings. The idea is underground so imagine a grungy space where I'm tapping at keyboards and old computers trying to receive all the messages being able to tap into this source but also having this existential crisis about what it means to be alive. It's about being human and questioning all those experiences; an homage to our growth in the human experience." - Sydney In Theory

Standard Digipak Release

Album Cover Concept: 
I wanted to summarize the artist's narrative using only 2 tools: a computer, and the human body. Trying to find a way to combine the two in a meaningful way. Using the physical attributes of both to function as a freeze frame right before finally reaching "the light." His hand reaching out to this light, surrounded by dust, grime and smudges which double as a galactic explosion amongst a sea of stars. All to personify this cosmic existentialism buried within the fabric of the sounds contained within the music.

Limited Release Vinyl

Special Edition Holographic Case

Instagram Promo [Beta]

Instagram Promo Concept: 
To celebrate the 5 different versions of the album that Sydney In Theory made in the 10 years he has been working on the album, I created animated Instagram promo that nodded at these versions leading up until the release date with the last one being a hint at the final cover that I designed. The project is still being working on which is why none of the following images have a release date. Once he sets a release date I will go back in and finish everything up.

Instagram Promo Process: 
In order to get high resolution smudges and dust, I let the scanner scan itself with nothing on it. To achieve this I just had to follow the scanning bar with my iPhone flashlight to illuminate the smudges and grime that I was interested in. To get the pixelated images of the previous album covers I shrunk them down on my computer and then took photos of them to give it a lo-fidelity digital aesthetic. 

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